Your Body’s Core Foundation

               When starting an exercise routine, you will hear any expert tell you to work on your body’s core foundation(abdominal and lower back muscles). This is because it is the foundation of your body. If the foundation is weak then the rest of your body is ultimately not as stable and prone to injury down the road. Well as a chiropractor we look at the pelvic region as a foundational point of emphasis for whole body strength, stability and function as well as preventing injuries.

                So, while I perform a pelvic/leg exam on a patient and one leg is shorter than the other, that presents a problem in their core foundational area of their body. This result means the pelvis has rotated out of position and is creating dysfunction in that region as well as effecting the regions above and below because of the pelvic misalignment. The pelvis is so important because of all of those core muscles, tendons and ligaments that attach to that area. As for the upper body and lower body areas being effected let me give you an example for both. If the right leg is found to be shorter on the right then more pressure and work is put on the left leg every time you walk, bend, sit or stand for long periods of time. As for the upper body when you have the same scenario with a short right leg, if you were to reach for something or just perform chores around the house the right side is now required to push more due to the shortening of the right side. So in essence its working harder than the left side, slowly creating problems on both due to the imbalance.

                The overall point is we want to eliminate this imbalance so your whole body is put back into a state of equilibrium. With Chiropractic treatment, this is possible. There are many great techniques to adjust this area and work on the soft tissues affected as well. This way we can eliminate the pelvic misalignment, create even leg lengths and stabilize and strengthen the core foundational region as well as prevent injury in the future.

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