Can I Exercise After a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Being active is important, whether it’s to stay in shape, training as an athlete, or for recreational and overall health purposes. So when patients who lead an active lifestyle ask me, “Can I still exercise or work out alongside the chiropractic adjustments and treatments?” I typically answer with a resounding, “Yes!” As long as the exercises are not compromising the patient’s area(s) of complaint or injury, then there is not an issue.

You see, getting an adjustment is like exercise for your spine. You need adjustments to get your spine healthy and keep it healthy. After all, your nervous system is the most important part of your body. So both exercise and adjustments can go hand and hand in helping keep you at your optimal level of overall health and well being.  Exercise After a Chiropractic Adjustment

The only case in which the answer to this question would be NO, is if the patient needs time for the adjustments and treatment to correct and heal the area(s) of complaint or injury. In this case, I normally ask the patient to stay away from exercise or activity that would hinder or setback this treatment protocol. For example: If you injured your lower back, I’d want you to stay away from activities that would put excess pressure, strain, and workload on this area, such as deadlifts, squats, or clean and jerks.

Of course, it’s important to understand there are varying degrees of complaints and injuries. This should be taken into account when determining what exercises are okay and how much resistance should be used. As I said in the beginning, it’s all about never putting your problem area(s) in a compromising position. So as long as you are cleared by your chiropractor and you stick to these guidelines, you should be good to continue your workout routine while you correct, stabilize and strengthen the most important area—your spine!!

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