Why do I have a loss of curve in my neck and back?

Many times I get asked the question “Why do I have a loss of curve in my neck and back?”

When most people think of a spine, they typically visualize curves and areas that look like they are bending. That’s actually one of the major signs of a healthy spine: You want your spine to have curves to it, in all the right places (not to be confused with scoliosis features). The curves in your neck, mid back and low back all have specific purposes for your body like: proper mobility, proper weight distribution, and pressure distribution along your discs and spinal joints. The curves in the spine also create the proper amount of tension and flexibility within your soft tissues around the spine.

When a patient comes into the office, we always want to make sure their spine has not lost its curve. This is one reason it’s important to take X-rays; so I can show the patient visually the straightening of their spine. Now if the neck or low back spine looks straight, it could be due to one of many reasons:

  • Poor posture
  • Very tight muscle/tendon/ligament tissue attached to the spine and surrounding areas
  • Repetitive movements putting your body and spine in compromising positions
  • Accumulation of injuries that were never corrected properly, leaving the spine out of its normal position

This is why I love Chiropractic!!! When I see a lost curvature in the spine, I know we as chiropractors have the tools and knowledge to determine the cause, correct the problem, and prevent it from occurring down the road.

If you are concerned about loss of curvature in your neck and back I can help.

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