Welcome to Rittenhouse Spine and Wellness Center!

Our team is here to help you reach optimum health, so that you can eliminate pain and enjoy life to its fullest. Dr. Rittenhouse loves to inspire and educate others to make better choices that prevent illness and injury, and lead to better health outcomes. One person at a time, Dr. Rittenhouse is on his way to creating a more healthy, vibrant community. Chiropractic Consultation

Dr. Andrew Rittenhouse is a board certified, licensed chiropractor who believes all people deserve to be healthy and happy. It’s the personal choices we make and our daily behaviors that ultimately determine our level of health. If you’re frustrated by the status quo of healthcare today, and ready to take control of your own health, come in for your free consult.  

With a personalized plan that includes chiropractic care and other preventative modalities, everyone can attain a better quality of life and prevent overspending on doctor’s visits, medicine, and surgery.  

An empathetic listener, Dr. Rittenhouse is always there to answer your most pressing health issues, so that you can move forward. He approaches wellness in a holistic way—meaning that he educates each patient about his/her unique situation and then establishes an individual health and prevention plan together as a team.  

Dr. Rittenhouse works with those who have an eagerness to dive deeper into their health, become less prone to injury and illness, and live life to the fullest.