Our Process

We’re proud of our warm, welcoming environment at Rittenhouse Spine and Wellness Center. As soon as you come through the door, you’ll be welcomed by Dr. Rittenhouse, who will show you around and help you get started with our health questionnaire. Take some time to check out our library, which is filled with incredible health information.   

During your appointment:

  • Dr. Rittenhouse will listen to your concerns, ask about your current health situation and ask if there are questions that you may have about your health and wellness.
  • After hearing your health issues and concerns, he will offer you some information and educate you about your unique situation.
  • Dr. Rittenhouse provides the most compassionate patient care and education.
  • Together, you will establish an individual health and prevention plan – a plan that helps you live life to the fullest.
  • If necessary, we’ll schedule you for the next appointment
  • You’re on your way to a healthier, happier life!


Chiropractic healthcare is the cornerstone of any holistic health program, especially when it comes to prevention of illness and injury.

So bring your most pressing health and wellness questions, and let us help you become pain free and maximize your comfort, your performance, and your health!