Body Weight and Joint Pain

           It’s no secret that America has a health crisis and one issue many Americans deal with is the correlation between body weight and joint pain. Many Americans are living an unhealthy lifestyle day to day and it is problematic for their joints in the present as well as the future for these individuals.  As a country that loves fast food or on-the-go meals to cater to our highly stressed filled lives and schedules we have unfortunately adapted to this way of living. The problem with fast food is that it has very little nutritional value and a lot of unwanted carbs, fats and calories all of the bad for you variety. As for schedules, we jam pack so much into a single day and too much into a week, to find anytime to dedicate to ourselves. If we did give ourselves a little more attention we could exercise, shop for the proper healthy food options and mentally take a break.

            I point these things out because many times a patient will say I think my weight may be affecting my joints or ask “Dr. Rittenhouse do you think if I lost some weight it would help my joint pain?” To answer both of these I always want to encourage my patients to exercise, eat right and take the proper supplements (which I will go over in an upcoming blog). Yes, added weight does put extra pressure on joints and the surrounding soft tissues like muscles and ligaments. If this pressure is not eliminated or alleviated from the joints they will breakdown faster and degenerate quicker.

            Eating the proper foods is not complicated rather more of a conscious effort to do so, the same goes for exercising. Now the beauty of chiropractic is that it helps with both of these issues. The more obvious would be how adjusting and aligning the joints can improve overall athletic and exercise performance (as well as prevent injury) and by having the joints in their proper position even with the extra pressure can help to stabilize the joints and soft tissue while weight loss is occurring. In regards to the organs that process the food, through chiropractic adjustments we remove the interference from the nerves that travel to your liver, intestines and kidneys (all major players in digestion) and allow them to function better and increase your metabolism. This in turn will help with aiding the patient in their weight loss goals. So talk to your chiropractor about eating right and getting on the track to health and wellness because you deserve it!!

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